All in all, not a bad weekend

I enjoy being in a crowded bar on Friday night with a belly full of IPA and screaming, along with everyone in the place, as Jason Bay ties up a losing game with an out-of-nowhere homer off of Mariano Rivera with two outs in the ninth — and then screaming even louder as Kevin Youkilis wins it with a walk-off two innings later. I enjoy spilling onto the sidewalk afterwards, sending expletive laden text messages to friends, rejoicing at the comeuppance enjoyed by the villainous Joba Chamberlain.

I enjoy spending a torpid, summer-seeming afternoon parked in front of the television, watching a game that, by all early appearances seemed destined to be a certain loss. I enjoy watching a purported pitcher’s dual morph into an all-out slug fest. I enjoy then leaping from the couch and screaming at the screen over the next four and a half hours as leads are gained and lost and gained again, as grand slams are hammered and wall-balls clear the bases and RBIs accrue in bunches.

I enjoy Sunday evening games in which the starting pitching is excellent and the offense is doing its job, and then, out of nowhere, one is privileged to witness something that these days seems to happens about as often as Halley’s Comet streaks across the sky. Something that has normally voluble message board geeks left all but speechless.



“That was the most amazing thing ever”

I enjoy all this so much that even the idiotic running commentary of some of the dumbest broadcasters in baseball can’t spoil it for me.

I enjoy epic games between epic rivals.

I enjoy the fact that today’s poll question is the precise opposite of today’s New York Daily News poll question.

I enjoy winning many baseball games in a row.

Now let’s lose the blue socks so we can keep doing it on the road.


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