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My Yankee hate has atrophied in recent years. It’s time to ramp it back up. Let’s do this.

* Mr. Joba Chamberlain best watch himself. If he unleashes a high one at Youk’s head again, this guy’s gonna charge the mound. Either that or he’ll untwist the top from his big ol’ jar filled with midges.

* It pains me to see my home state betray the Nation like this.

* “Plagued” by injuries? I mean, Lowrie and Kotsay seem like nice guys, and I hope Dice-K bounces back, but I’ll take more such outbreaks that have us on a seven-game win streak and counting.

* Tough times in the new Toilet.

* “This is an opportunity to send a message, if we can beat them at Fenway without A-Rod.” Er, no, not really. If you’ll recall, it’s fairly common occurrence for A-Rod to, uh, not be much of a factor, win or lose.

* Who is Cody Ransom?

* After years and years of buying championships, it serves them right. Eventually, someone’s gotta pay the piper.

* Those MFY fans sure do have a clever sense of humor.

* In case you’ve forgotten over the winter.

* “Joba the what?” Joba the @#$%.

* I know you’ve been waiting for this. More Sox-Yanks haiku:

Mirror, mattress, lips.
Is it A-Rod or Gisele
In that magazine

C.C. and A.J.
May come to regret pitching
In a wind tunnel

Wang’s ERA asks:
What’s the Chinese character
For infinity?

Jorge Posada
Makes up in nose for what he
Is lacking in chin.

Yankee Stadium:
The house that taxpayers built.
Many suites for suits.

Nothing says baseball
Like beer, tofu, Kobe beef
And edamame.

Hey Joba, just try.
Throw at Youk again. Just try.
Go ahead. Just try.

Mark Teixeira’s wife
Seems to wear the pinstriped pants
In that family.

Someday they’ll learn that

Does not buy a team.

* If you wanna see Joba’s jowls writ large, btw, head over to House of Blues, just across the street from Fenway, where they’ll be screening the game — for free — on a ginormous screen in the Music Hall.

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