Roger Angell speaks!


This just in.

You know it's a big deal when 88-year-old men feel compelled to blog about it the next day:

"In a surprise move, Red Sox manager Terry Francona last night accepted an offer from Senator John McCain to supervise every aspect of his faltering campaign for the Presidency in the period remaining before November 4th, Election Day. The move came less than an hour after Francona’s club had scored eight runs in the last three innings of Game Five of the American League Championship Series, doing away with a seven-run lead by the Tampa Bay Rays, who had appeared to be on the verge of a pennant and a berth in the 2008 World Series. Francona will supplant the incumbent McCain campaign director, Rick Davis. 'I’m a maverick, too,' Francona declared in a press conference."

"Well, no. In truth, Francona, who is not interested in the harsh back-and-forth of campaign politics, is expected to replace Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson; the appointment will be announced in a Presidential press conference at the White House later today. Francona, it has been noted, has a record of 8–1 in games in which his Red Sox faced total annihilation."

I like the second idea much, much better than the first.

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