O.C. out. The Agency in!

Tonight, the O.C. ends.

Boo hoo, you're dead now, anyway!

But who cares about that? — The Agency premiered on VH1 this week. And, dude, it’s better than crying over spilt pop-culture references and Californian teenagers.

Like other runway reality series before it — America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and 8th and OceanThe Agency is actually pretty good in a don’t-eat-that-beeyatch! kind of way. Seriously, watch the first thirty seconds for free on the VSPOT and try not to a. starve yourself, and b. watch the entire episode. Before the opening credits roll, Wilhelmina agent Pink—yeah beeyatch!—turns down a whole lotta model chicks at an open call, with stuff like this: "I mean, there's nothing I can do with you. Your face is asymmetrical. Your eyes are too close together and your nose is off on an angle like this. You want me to keep going?"

Oh, and then there’s this exchange:

“What do you do in Flint, Michigan?” Pink asks, feigning interest.

“Uh, I just closed my restaurant,” says model chick trying to sound all, like, career-driven now.

“I think it’s time to open a new one,” Pink says.


Oh, snap! Good looking people are so dumb. This show makes you glad you’re not one of them. (Though, they really do make for excellent T.V.)

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