The Boys of MTV's The Hills are even douchebaggier than you thought they were

If you only have about five minutes of InterWeb distraction time today, I urge you to click over to Details magazine's site and skim through Master of Celebrity, David Amsden's profile on Brody Jenner. There's some majorly incriminating stuff in here that simply reaffirms to me what an ignorant starfucker this reality golden boy is. Even more of a douche-basket is Spencer Pratt, Jenner's stylist-manager-publicist-whogivesafuck who is wrecking havoc on The Hills this season and sending me into spasms every Monday night as a result of his horror show catch phrases and dirt bag proclamations of love (dump him NOW, Heidi!!). If anyone reminds me of the scheming A-group jerk faces I went to high school with, it's this simpering fool:

The Spencer/Heidi saga has proved to me, in stunning lucidity, why it never, NEVER makes sense to date an asshole. He isn't even cute, for god's sake! Just read the profile, and after you're done throwing up in your mouth a little bit, spit it out all sly-like, keep Googling for more info on Super-Intern Emily, and get ready for next Monday night's ep, because it's going to be a doozy. Lauren, Lauren, when will you rise above all this and show us what you're really made of? I'll be waiting. I know you've got it in you.


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