TV Tonight: Sarah Silverman

Over the course of the day, we went from thinking the whole Mooninites thing was ridiculous, to funny, to boring, to, finally, annoying. So we want to talk about something else, if we could.

Tonight on Comedy Central is the premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program. We wanted to do an essay about Miss Silverman, but then we realized that Jon Garelick already covered that territory.

Anyway, we like Silverman. At least, we think we like Silverman. We want to like her. And we want to like this show. But we're not entirely sold, even after a glowing New Yorker review.

See, here's the thing. First of all, Comedy Central's reputation is increasingly spotty. Sure, the channel has its high-profile success stories - South Park, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and, for two years, Chappelle's Show. And we accept the fact that shows like Drawn Together and Mind of Mencia have an audience, even if we think they're both flat-out unwatchable. What gets us, though, is the stuff involving talented people that should be awesome, but somehow just... isn't. Sure, Stella, to pick one example, was okay, but it should have been one of the greatest shows on cable television.

And somehow we can't shake the feeling that The Sarah Silverman Program is going to fall into that territory. We know her whole deal is to say shocking things. Witness her hilarious spot in The Aristocrats:

But then sometimes, it gets a little predictably shocking, like singing "Amazing Grace" out of one's private region:

Still funny, but a lot less so. Which Sarah Silverman shows up tonight on Comedy Central?
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