The OC's Seth to write real comic book!

Why do we care? We don't. But when DC Comics sends out a press release at 10:46 on a Sunday Night, you know Slop Culture will be all over that shit. (Mostly just to point out the fact that DC Comics is sending out press releases at 10:46 on a Sunday night. Don't these people have lives? No? How 'bout HBO?).

Anyway, yes, Adam Brody from the OC will be writing Red Menace, a six-parter under the Wildstorm imprint. Of course, Brody as Seth once pitched Wildstorm a comic on the show, as the press release tells us without the least bit of humility. This is a scary, scary trend. So does this mean the guy from Entourage will actually get to play Aquaman in a real movie? Will Jason Lee actually wear that mustache in real life?  Will Irene get Lyme disease and get slapped by Stephen in real life?


San Diego, CA – WildStorm , an imprint of DC Comics, is proud to announce plans to publish RED MENACE, a six-part miniseries written by 'The O.C.' star Adam Brody and the writing team of Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, with interior artwork by industry veteran Jerry Ordway. RED MENACE #1 goes on sale in October.
"What is more thrilling and flattering for a creator than Life imitating Art?  Ever since Seth--the character played by Adam Brody--made his pitch for his graphic novel at WildStorm on the OC, it's been a pet passion of mine to bring this dream to life," said Jim Lee, Editorial Director--WildStorm and big-time OC fan. "As every fan of the OC knows, Seth is a comic book fan and creator and it's one of those great but surreal moments in life that we get to join forces with Adam to create a project which brings his fresh, unique talents to a whole new audience!"

Pairing Brody with the veteran television writing and production team (and co-writers of DC's THE FLASH)  was a no-brainer, said Lee, as Bilson and DeMeo bring to the project a level of familiarity with the craft of comic writing along with keen insight and a knack for crafting thrilling adventures.
The story of RED MENACE begins at the height of the Cold War. Welcome to Los Angeles, home to crooked cops, slimy criminals and sexy starlets and seething with the glamour and glitz of Hollywood and the grit and soot of Chinatown. As the communist witch trials of Joe McCarthy envelop the nation, one person stands out amongst those tabbed as traitors – L.A.'s greatest and most patriotic hero, the Eagle. Could a man once thought to be a protector of America's shores be a Cold War spy for the enemy?
Combining Bilson, DeMeo and Brody's deft characterization with Ordway's classically-styled artwork, RED MENACE transports you to a time when the world stood on the brink of nuclear decimation and heroes that once stood tall crumbled amidst questions of loyalties and character.
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