Missouri Sextuplets safe and sound (D'Oh!)

If you're going to do a story about a woman having six babies (SIX!) If you're going to put that story on the cover of your newspaper (COVER!). Then you might want to actually see a picture of the babies. Instead, the Examiner of Independence Mo. ran a pic of Sarah and Kris Everson holding up 6 tiny baby outfits to accompany a story about their six new bundles of joy. Bundles of lies more like it (LIES!). Turns out, the Everson's didn't have six kids. They just had a bunch of bills and were hoping to return all of the Huggies they would be getting (via a website they set up soliciting gifts) for some cold hard cash.

The lady Everson said they were keeping the babies hidden because they were in danger (DANGER!) of being killed by a member of her husband's family. Slop Culture calls the book rights. And shotgun.

What was actually inside? Just Marshmellow Peeps and old Beta tapes.

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