Spolier Alert: 3 more years of 24

It's official: Keifer Sutherland has signed on to play uber-agent Jack Bauer for three more years, meaning the popular real-time Fox show will (presumably) last that long. It's fun trying to picture Sutherland negotiating the contract in-character.


Of course, by releasing this news, Fox has immediately squashed any future cliffhanger they may have wanted to do involving Bauer's possible death. Not that there could be a show without him, but the "No, seriously, Bauer is dead!" thing has been a staple of the show. Actually, come to think of it, it's a little done to death. And this season's plot just doesn't make any sense: if the President is behind the whole thing, then how are we now to believe all the stuff that already happened? Was he trying to kill the Russians this whole time? And don't get us started on how the show handled the death of Tony Almeida. Now that we think of it, is it really a great idea to keep this show around for another three years? It's already (arguably) jumped the shark. What happens when the quality really goes downhill? And really, how much more stuff can happen to one guy?

Oh, who're we kidding? As long as Chloe sticks around, we'll keep watching.
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