The Absolut Top 101 WFNX Artists of All Time # 35: Red Hot Chili Peppers



In the history of music, the bands with the most longevity are
constantly evolving and reinventing themselves to stay relevant decade after
decade. The Rolling Stones did it. Springsteen. U2 and todays artist, The
Red Hot Chili Peppers.

 Basically a zany funk band at the start that was known mostly for its
live shows and their onstage antics. They also developed intense drug
problems during this time period and their original guitarist died in 1988.
 That death and the departure of their original drummer changed
things for the band and 1989's Mothers Milk was the start of the incredibly
successful period for the band. That album gave them their first gold record
and introduced the world to the guitar playing of John Frusciante.

1991's Blood Sugar Sex Magic made them superstars. It came out at
exactly the right time and featured massive hits like Give it Away and Under
the Bridge. Their next album with Dave Navarro was a commercial success as
well but it missed Frusciante.

Starting in 1999 and right up until 2007 the band was on a hot
streak like no other. 3 huge albums with a number of hit singles, sold out
arena tours and a new status of elder statesmen of alternative music.

 No one is really sure what the status of the band is currently. Word
has it they are recording but maybe without Frusciante. Either way look for
them to continue to run they are on with another album that shows impressive
bass playing from Flea, funk jams and soaring ballads.


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