The Breakfast Show Recap 1/12/09 by Intern Sean

While you were sleeping...

The senatorial debate between the three candidates for the late Senator Kenndy's seat was last night and much to the dismay of the Republican party Scott Brown lost, which is a killer is a race that Martha Coakley seemed poised to win before the debate.  The Election is next Tuesday...Celtics racked up a series of technical fouls resulting in the ejection of head coach Doc Rivers...Simon Cowell has announced that he is out as American idol host after the conclusion of this season however he will be bringing the hit British show "The X factor" to the states...Mark McGwire confesses to using steroids from 1989 all the way up until his record breaking season in 1998 in which he hit 70 Homeruns, McGwire is "very sorry" and "regrets the decisions" that he has made...Gas prices shoot up about eight cents in MA this week despite this jump, MA is still four cents below the national average...Pete Caroll has officially joined the Seattle Seahawks after nine seasons at USC. There has been no reports of recruits decommiting from the university...Sarah Palin has accepted a job and now works for fox news, there has been no news about her salary, however it has been confirmed that as of right now Palin will not have her own show on the network.

 On today's show...

We had a very special/disgruntled guest on the phone today Mr. Jay Leno! Jay, with a bit of cursing here and there, expressed his displeasure with NBC's decision to move him from his 10 O'clock time slot to 11:35 following fellow night show host Connan O'Brien...people from MA never stop competing with each other. Also Chris Farone called in to enlighten WFNX listeners on how to be a badass. "B list birthdays" for Spoon tickets today featured weight loss guru Kirstie Alley, the original Jenny Craig spokesperson. Happy 59th birthday!!!....What is the biggest inconvenience in the city of Boston? Recently airports have decided that they will conduct full body scans or (TSA's) in a further attempt to protect the passengers on the airlines as well as our national security as a whole, but the question is, is this the biggest inconvenience in the city of Boston? Listeners helped the Breakfast Show narrow down a series of annoying things that can happen to a Boston resident everyday and they have come to the conclusion that people that slow down at yellow lights are more inconvenient than the new TSA! Gotta love that impatient bostonian attitude.

 Tom Ford Chats with The Breakfast Show

 Tom Ford Director of the new movie "A Single Man" stopped in on the breakfast show this morning to talk about his new movie as well as his career as a fashion designer.  Tom, a former Gucci designer, let Fletcher know that he should stay away from plaid and start tucking it in.  The movie "A Single Man" is nominated for a Golden Globe, and Colin Ferth and Julianne Moore (the leads in the film) were each nominated for a Globe as welll.  The award ceremony will be held on Sunday at 8 PM on NBC.

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