The Morning Show Recap 12.23.09 by Intern KoRn-Bread

Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninnie Bong and Happy Holidays, The People!

The Info Burrito in 101.7 Seconds

The current decade ranks as the worst in 50 years, with the only bright spots being the Internets and cell phones...Tom and Giselle have set up shop in a new 11-room, $10 million mansion - right around the corner from Professor Santoro!...Celtics came from behind to behind to beat the Pacers 103-94 at the Garden last night...State Senator Anthony Galluccio failed an in-home sobriety test yesterday, citing his mouthwash and toothpaste as the culprits...Blackberrys across the country blacked out for more than eight hours last night, stranding customers without any sort of email or internet access - oh, the horror!...Looch hit the ice yesterday to practice, and he says he is determined to play in the Winter Classic at Fenway...A Red Line train derailed at Alewife station yesterday, luckily for them no one was injured...Happy 45th (45!) birthday to Eddie Vedder...Remember when Steven Tyler said he was going to leave Aerosmith to work on his 'brand?' Well, apparently that 'brand' comes in plastic bottles, because he's entered rehab for painkiller addiction...The Yanks are making the Sox look like chumps as they keep signing players, like one Javier Vasquez...The Vatican gives "The Simpsons" two crosses up, as they like the way Homer handles religion(?)...Darth Vader and R2-D2 were on hand at the opening bell of the NYSE yesterday - and stocks plummeted...And sales of single family homes surged 60% last month, as all of them were bought by Ernie Bach.

The Effin' T!

Charlie, Fletcher, Ed and Henry have been here before. Regular listeners know that the T is often the subject of this morning show, from lackey Kevin Begley investigating water leaks to the MRTPQ. So it's no surprise that the guys jumped all over the fact that a train derailed off the Red Line at Alewife station yesterday. Henry says it's time for another investigation, as the city got new trains from Japan specifically built for the MBTA a few years back...are these the ones that are breaking down? Santoro says yes, and Ed believes it's Pearl Harbor all over again! Looks like an investigation is in order...

Ernie and the Automatics!

That's right, fans, the legendary Ernie and the Automatics are live right here in Studio 45 for the 3rd Annual Holiday Hootenanny! What better way to spread the holiday cheer and warm up with some cool tunes all morning! Charlie, Fletcher, Ed and Henry are all into it...or maybe they've just had help from the keg out in the lobby.

The Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query

What bad gift did you knowingly give? It's an all too familiar scenario - whether it comes down to the last minute, or you just really don't like somebody that got you something - you knowingly give someone a crappy gift. The fans in Studio 45 have given people self-help books, cartons of cigarettes and bad mix tapes. Everyone from the Swine Flu (in the flesh) to sexy Mike Diskin have all either re-gifted or gave a crap-tastic gift. 'Tis the season, we suppose.

The 3rd Annual Holiday Hootenanny! 

Fans of the show filled One Financial Center this morning and enjoyed plenty of lobster, beer, coffee, and tunes this morning for the last morning show of the year. Charlie, Fletcher, Ed and Henry would like to thank the James Hook Lobster Company, Ernie and the Automatics, Heineken, the Boston Blazers and all the staff, friends and familes of WFNX! Most of all, thank you for listening everyday...or at least checking the blog to see what went down! See you in 2010!!

Happy Holidays!

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