The Morning Show Recap 12.22.09 by Intern KoRn-Bread

Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninnie Bong, Ticket-hawkers! 

The Info Burrito in 101.7 Seconds

'Avatar,' 'You Know You’re Fat' and 'Christmas' are all trending topics on Twitter today…The B’s snapped their losing streak and shut out the Senators in Ottawa last night…Is Martha Coakley opposed to that health care reform bill, or against it? What up girlfriend?...Andrew W.K., Sum 41, and Reel Big Fish set to headline the next Warped Tour – what year is it?...Asshats are price gauging the formerly free tickets to skate at Fenway up to $1800…The Boston Neighborhood Service Coordinator openly admits to selling OC’s and weed at City Hall…Charles Barkley to host the opening SNL of the decade; last time he did it, the musical guest was Nirvana…Mike Lowell: ‘No hard feelings on basically trying to dump me off in Texas’…Quincy gets $8 million in federal stimulus money to turn its downtown into a federal showcase…Top Alternative singles in the country: Muse’s “Uprising,” Weezer’s “I Want You To,” and some 30 Seconds to Mars song…The wait is over: Panera Bread is coming to Newton Center!...So now Britney Murphy’s friends come forward about her drug problems and eating disorders…The Senator’s lost last night, but Mike Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood, and she said yes…And one more time, a test vote on the health care overhaul bill takes place first thing this morning. Phew.

Fletcher's Never Heard or Seen Review

If you've ever listened to the morning show that usually takes place Monday through Friday between 6 and 10am, you know that Fletcher is the biggest Oasis fan this side of the Atlantic. Seeing that it is the holidays, the guys let Fletcher get up on his pedestal and preach about Oasis' output over the past decade. No, we're serious - Oasis put out four albums this decade!

2000 - Standing On The Shoulders of Giants


2002 - Heathen Chemistry 


2005 - Don't Believe The Truth


2008 - Dig Out Your Soul

(Well, don't worry about this one...)

Andrew 'The Firefly' Ference

Fresh off the victory last night against Ottawa, a sleepy Andrew Ference calls in to discuss the victory...or maybe not. All Ed wants to know is if he's going to be able to make it in tomorrow for the big Holiday Hootenanny, which is un-doable for Andy. The guy's gotta practice you know! This crushes Ed, because he wants to give his man crush a Christmas present. Andy says he's not coming in just for some t-shirt. Despite all this, Andy feels good about the B's going into the next year: They may not be where they were last time this year, but overall it's positive. Fletcher wants blood! Henry wants a puck over the Green Monster at the Winter Classic, whether he scores a goal or not. We will miss you at the party tomorrow, Andy, but we'll definitely talk to you next year!

Tickets to Julian Casablancas w/Ed Time at the Apollo

Ed busts some rhymes and gives you, the listener, a chance to win tickets to see Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas do his solo thing at the Paradise! We all know his tone deaf, so it's always a treat when Ed graces us with his rhyme-spitting skills. Congrats to Jared for guessing the other Run DMC Christmas song!

The Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query

Why do you procrastinate with your Christmas shopping? Or, then again, why do you procrastinate at all? Fletcher loves to work under pressure, and will often wait until, say, 4:30 to do something for a 5:00 deadline. He'll probably wait until he's in the airport to buy his family stuff. Ed just hates crowds and people in general, so when he has to do any sort of shopping at all, he's in and out, no mess no fuss. Sometimes it just depends on people's pay schedules, as you might have to pay bills the first time around and wait until five days before to go out and buy stuff. One caller just 'don't wanna spend his days doin' stuff he don wanna do.' Well said, sir.

Special Ed-Vice

One listener writes to Ed with one major dilemma. Marco wrote to Ed about his parents coming and staying at his place this year for Christmas. It's a big deal whenever they visit, and it's been awhile...only trouble is, he lives with his current significant other: another man. Yes, Marco hasn't come out to his parents yet and seeks the advice of one Special Ed. Ed says that his parents probably know, or they've at least had their guesses. He needs to stop living in fear of his parents and be himself - or at least put them up in the Westin when they come and visit. Merry Christmas?

Dawn Yanek of Life and Style Magazine!

All Fletcher and Ed want to talk about is "Jersey Shore," the phenomenon on MTV that is sweeping the nation. Even Yanek's husband is obsessed, quoting The Situation all day. The biggest 'Gui-dette' Snooki is an overnight celebrity, even though we didn't get to see her get punched in the face. The show back peddled when it came to airing the episode, and aired a disclaimer about the 'violence against women' issue. Give us a break, MTV. So much controversy has come out of this, points out Yanek, as the guy who punched her was a NYC school teacher, and the Italian-American community is pissed that everyone thinks they act like that. Good news, says Yanek, because Snooki will show up for your event for a mere $2000! Get her up here for the Holiday Hootenanny tomorrow! No doubt this train-wreck of a television show will spin off reality TV careers for these characters, and Yanek says that there are rumors already of Pauly D and The Situation moving out to LA to jump start their careers. Look for a Guido-themed 'Flavor of Love' coming to VH1 way too soon.

For one last time, let's all drink in the Snooki punch.


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