Facebook is saving the universe!

 #1.)  Jonathan Pavlin is a student at the University of Florida. On Monday morning, Jonathan realized that someone had stolen his car from outside his apartment building. So, Jonathan started a Facebook group asking people to keep an eye out for his car, an orange Mazda 3.  And less than 48 hours later, someone spotted Jonathan's car just a few miles from where it was stolen, and called the police. Here's the story.

#2.)  In 1989, two teens named Christopher Astle and Emily Yanich-Fithian discovered a newborn baby girl someone had abandoned on the doorstep of a townhouse in Fairfax, Virginia. After calling the police, the authorities took the baby, and a few months later she was adopted. Two weeks ago, Christopher and Emily each received a message on Facebook from a 20-year-old college student named Mia Flemming. She wanted to know if they'd once found a baby left at a stranger's door.  And if so, she wanted to thank them because the little girl was HER. Here's the story.

#3.)  50-year-old John Burge lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has polycystic kidney disease, and two years ago he was placed on a donor list behind 80,000 other people.  As of September, he was still waiting. That's when his son, 22-year-old Matthew, posted a status update on Facebook asking if anyone would be willing to donate a kidney to his dad.  Less than 30 minutes later, 24-year-old Nick Etten responded that if they had the same blood type, he'd do it. The transplant was scheduled to take place yesterday. Here's the story.

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