The Sandbox Recap 12.17.09 by Intern KoRn-Bread

Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninnie Bong, Fenway faithful!

The Info Burrito in 101.7 Seconds

Senator Harry Reed called a flight attendant a bitch while on his phone and holding the plane from taking off…Courtney Love loses custody of her (and Kurt’s) daughter Francis Bean and even has a restraining order against her…The Hot Stove rumor mill still spins with talk of a trade for Adrian Gonzalez, but for Dustin Pedroia!?...UMass Boston buys the Bayside Expo Center and will be named, according to Professor Santoro, the “Ted Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate”…Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion is named album of the year by MTV, with Phoenix, Lily Allen and Paramore placing in the top 10…Brady and Kraft support Moss after last week shaky performance…23% of all homes in the country are ‘Cell Phone Only’ homes…Happy 64th birthday to Ernie Hudson…It was 20 years ago today that “The Simpsons” made its debut on FOX…The Bruins’ defense takes another hit as Mark Steward has a broken sternum and will be out at least six weeks…Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year: Ben Bernanke. Good thing no one reads Time…Trending Twitter topics today include Avatar, Copenhagen, and Iron Man 2…Ochocinco wants to fight Sean Merriman over a tiff that started on effing Twitter…Citigroup says they won’t foreclose your home during holidays, so just wait until February...And will the Northeast Corridor finally get high speed railways? Read all about it in today’s Globe.

The Foxwoods Theme Song Contest

If you’re in a local band looking to breakout and make it big (at least here in New England), then this is your big chance: Enter the contest to sing the new Foxwoods Theme Song! You and your band could win $25,000 and have your song beaten into the ears of everyone watching a sporting event in New England for the next 10 years. Lots of people are getting into this, including plenty of bands that are featured on New England Product right here on FNX. One submission sounds like a breathy Britney Spears outtake, which doesn’t really have the production behind it. Fletcher says you can’t blame her - if she had a kickass Mark Ronson beat then it’d be a done deal. Charlie loves the hip-hop remix that sounds like Maxwell and A Tribe Called Quest had a love-child, and it could be the one. Even the hipsters are getting in on it, as one Matt and Kim-ish duo with their tight jeans made a good submission. Wait, or was that just the new Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson single!? Check out all the submissions here.

Tickets to the Bosstones with 'Are You Smarter Than a Baby?'

Can you recognize the FNX song that's disguised as a precious bedtime lullabye? It's never an easy feat, but the listeners brought their A-game today. Congrats to Liz from Newmarket, NH for correctly guessing Nine Inch Nails' "The Hand That Feeds" as today's lullabye. She'll be skankin' in the pit at the Bosstones' annual Hometown Throwdown at the House of Blues in a couple weeks.

Maura Talks Music

The Sandbox checks in with the unable-to-ice-skate music blogger Maura Johnston for the last time of the year, so it's only appropriate to recap the year that was 2009. Everyone and their mother makes their year-end lists, but everyone looks at Billboard's Hot Rock songs, which is lead by Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" and also includes Shinedown. Number three went to Linkin Park, and the whole Sandbox can't believe that all of these bands are still so relevant. Maura says if you told her in 2003 that this is what the list would like, she wouldn't believe you. Somehow, Linkin Park has become 'the' band, with their loyal fanbase and one song being played a million times in the latest Transformers movie. The Silversun Pickups' "Swoon" ranks in at number five, which surprised everyone - it's one of those slow-burners that came out of nowhere.

Maura's favorites of the year: Paramore's Brand New Eyes, Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted, Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You, Jarvis Cocker's Further Complications, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz! The Sandbox will talk to Maura in 2010 to chat about "American Idol" and emo bands. Cross your fingers for a new Fall Out Boy record next year, Maura!

The Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query

In keeping with the 'blowing up' them all week, Ed poses a daring question: Do you want to blow up Fenway Park!? Boston loves to hold on to the past, but admit it: It's a pain in the ass to get around and, despite all the 'improvements' that Henry & Co. make every off-season, its falling apart. Level the goddamn thing, Ed says, as he wants a shiny and new ballpark. Charlie points out the new Yankees stadium, and the fact that they had problems filling the seats all season. Sure, but how did the season end? With a World Series title!

Callers want to cherish the past, while others say to go ahead and level it. Dennis from Boston works at Fenway, and says they're "dumping money into a broken-down Chevy Nova." Well-played, sir, but where do you put the new place? Right off 93 in North Quincy? Blow up Wonderland and put it in Revere, brotha? Remember when they wanted to move the Pats to Connecticut? Good lord, not the 'New England Red Sox!'

Professor Santoro defends one IMer who calls Fenway a 'historic place,' and if they're tearing that down, then go ahead and tear down the Old North Church and Fanueil Hall, too! Ed says yes, it's time to move on, while Henry says to cherish our history. Tension fills the air studio here at One Financial Center, and it looks like Hurricane Henry could sumo wrestle Special Ed any second!

The Asshat of the Year 2009 Awards - Number 2! 

We have taken all your nominations, and it has been a mostly political theme over the past few days. Nothing new today, The People, as the second-place Asshat of the Year is, well, Everyone That Voted for Mayor Menino!

Mumbles is still in office, and this just furthers Ed's argument from the MRTPQ, that Bostonians love to hang on to the past. Is it more embarassing that people actually voted him in again or the fact that Menino is still hanging on to his political career? Step aside, sir. No fights at One Financial Center on this one, as everyone agrees. Way to go, the voting public of Boston, you are the silver medal-winning collective Asshat of 2009!

My Song Is Better Than Your Song - Week 109

Jon Landry has been on a tear, but can he stand up to Sara and her bacon-infused cupcakes!? The listeners decide in the final MSIBTYS of the year! 

The Challenger: Sara Ross from Kickass Cupcakes, Siouxsie and the Banshees "Kiss Them For Me"

The Champion: Jon Landry, Save Ferris "Christmas Wrapping"

The reign of terror is over for Jon Landry, as he himself put it, "you can't compete with bacon," as he is ousted as MSIBTYS champ! Congrats to Sara from Kickass Cupcakes, winning over the voters and everyone at One Financial Center with the 'Ultimate Oink' cupcake. Seriously, check these things out! See you in the new year, Sara!

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