The Sandbox Recap 12.11.09 by Intern Sabrina

Bah Weep, Boston!

The Info Burrito in 101.7 Seconds

There are so many chihuahuas in California shelters, they've started shipping them out of the state. According to, Kayne West's outburst at the VMA's was the biggest fail of 2009. Good Morning America is revolving its chairs; Diane Sawyer is out, George Stephanopoulos is in. The three major networks have a battle of holiday movies tonight. Celtics took their 9th win in a row last night. A 12-mile long iceberg that broke free from the Atlantic nine years ago is heading toward Australia. "Fireflies" plays on as Andy Ference went goal-less again last night. A top Al-Queda operative was killed in a drone attack yesterday.


The Sandbox Office Report

Out this weekend, Me and Orson Welles will be out in theaters. Zac Efron plays Richard Samuels. He's finally breaking out of the Disney thing! Fletcher doesn't care if Zac Efron is famous, he just thinks his face should be scarred in some way. He's too good looking. Can he become a Leo or will he fall apart?

The Princess and the Frog is also out this weekend! But there's a twist to this classic princess and the frog tale. Instead of kissing a frog and finding a prince, the princess kisses a frog only to become a frog herself. Special Ed thinks this movie is racist, but it's not. In fact, Disney was going for just the opposite when they chose to release their first African American princess. This one's rated G, so take the children!


Morgan Freeman

Yup, Morgan called in from Mexico this morning. Will he be back in time for the Oscar nominations? He's not sure, but for  now he's going to get busy living, or get busy dying. Morgan can't believe Sandra Bullock might be getting an Oscar for her part in Blindside. Fletcher points out that it has been a bad year for movies. No, Morgan says, it has been a bad year for everything. Everyone go check out his new movie, Invictus!


Pat's Pats Preview

Pat isn't looking forward to the weekends anymore. And he made that perfectly clear with his rant this morning. It's just not fun to watch football lately. The obscenity count for Pat D: ...he breaks his record of 76 this morning with a whopping 99 swears! Go Pat!!!


Name that Tune

It's the first day of Hanukkah and Charlie surprised us with a special holiday themed Name that Tune this morning! Greg from Dorchester was the winner of our Mighty Mighty Bosstones tickets this morning when Ed failed to name that tune! Congratulations, Greg!


The Qdoba Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query

We live in a world of hype. The internet breeds hype, feeds hype. Fletcher loves it. If he could, he would buy it and store it because it has never failed him. The xx is a band that is currently universally hyped. But they were featured on NPR, which kind of ended it all for this band. So the guys want to know: when is the hype officially over?

One caller says it's over when you have to say, "Well I listened to them first." It's also over when Kiss 108 starts playing it and when your mom knows about the band.

The 2009 Asshat of the Year Nominations

Stuff Magazine's Sexy Mike Diskin visited The Sandbox this morning to help us with our Asshat of the Year nominations! He took a local angle on this, which might get him into trouble when he runs into these people. All the same, the nominees are: The Andelman Brothers. They're kind of our masshole Baldwin Brothers. There's something creepy about watching all three of them talk about eating. Next up, Bernie and Phyl... and really the entire family. Diskin can't stand them. Finally, Donnie Wahlberg.

Our listeners had a few of their own nominations this morning: Jon and Kate Gosselin, the OctoMom, Brian Kelly, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, and Levi Johnson.



Mike Diskin hung around to tell us what's going on this weekend. The tenth annual Santa Speedo Run is this weekend! On Saturday there will be about a thousand people running around the city in speedos. Fortunately, it all goes to benefit Crossroads for Kids. Also, the Brattle Theater is putting on their Ho-Ho-Horror films this weekend. Check it out here. Jim Breuer is also in town, doing two shows at the Wilbur! And finally, you've all heard that Stuff Magazine is looking for good bodies, so if you have a great body head on over to Faneuil Hall this weekend!

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