The Sandbox Recap 5.13.09 By Intern Erin

 Good Morning and Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninny Bong!


6 a.m. 

Info Burrito in 101.7 seconds 

    Miss California is keeping crown. Mike Massimino is the first to text from space, saying "Launch was awesome!" Mike Tyson hired a hitman to kill Brad Pitt back for being the rebound of his ex, Robin Givens! Alanis Morisette to appear on the next season of Weeds, and not always clothed!  Mass is looking to receive 25 million to test wind turbine blades in Charlestown. Big Baby apologized to Provetti and his 12-year-old son. "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day is the number one alternative song. NH is all for seatbelts and pot, evenly split on gay marriage.

Chris Forsberg of the Globe calls in to talk sports with Ed

   Ed: (plays the clip of Big Baby's apology) What do you have to say on that?
   Forsberg: He didn’t have to come out and say anything, but he was the bigger man and said he was sorry, though it wasn’t overly sincere. He wanted to do the right thing for himself, not for the PR people.
   Ed: How come Scott Walker didn’t apologize?
   Forsberg: If anyone ought to apologize in sports right now, it’s him, for almost breaking Aaron Ward's face. Ward was completely caught off guard with that sucker punch.
   Ed: Why aren't people all over the NHL for not taking him out?

   Forsberg: That's a good question. What I want to know is what the hell they saw that made them overturn the call. A fight and call like this should be left for the NBA, where everyone has inflated egos.
Chris, are you responsible for the headlines, "Storming Back" and "Garden ice the place for Chilling Comeback"?
   Forsberg: Actually, no, that would be the editors that are accountable for that. I must say that the worst of mine is "Fight Cub" though, that was the worst, "puniest" stuff.


7 a.m.

Santoro's 180: Covering Half of Everything 

    Today the Mass Public Health  Council is voting on whether mass chain restaurants ought to have calorie counts next to each item on their menu, behind the counters and at the drive-thrus. 5,800 restaurants would be affected, including fast food like McDonald's and cheap chains like The 99.

    Fletcher said with a chuckle, "People like Henry will use the calorie count as a game and see if he can eat more calories than he did yesterday."

    Ed said, “If you can’t see your genitals, you have a problem. And you should be gnawing on a head of lettuce.”

    Kim of Boston said, "In NY, I rejected a pumpkin muffin because of the calorie count. Yet back in Boston, without the count, nothing stopped me from going right back to that muffin."

     Derek of Marlborough said, "There's a quadruple bypass burger at the Heart Attack Grill in Phoenix, AX that's probably about 8,000 calories. If you’re over 300 pounds, you eat for free, and they’ll take you out in a wheelchair if you can't walk from eating so much." Ed and Fletcher are planning their next road trip down there as we speak.

    Ed ended the discussion on a disapproving note, saying, "The little warning on the cigarette pack doesn’t stop people from smoking, so how do we expect that are these going to stop eaters?"

Walt Borchers, from, talks movies with Fletcher


     Borchers talks about movies out in theaters this week, coming out early this summer and what he predicts will be hit or miss.

    The prequel to DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, is coming out this weekend, and will take the box office by storm if it’s as successful as the Code, which brought in 800 million. But it’s not offending the religious right, so it can’t be that great.

    Not sure how people will react to Christian Bale in new Terminator, and the lack of Arnold. It has mixed reviews of it thus far, which could also do with the fact that Ron Howard is directing it.

     Fletcher says The Hangover looks brilliant and Borchers said it “very much looks like a Sandbox weekend in Vegas”, produced by the same guys who did Wedding Crashers and Old School.

    The one sleeper movie that will establish Ryan Reynolds as an elite in Hollywood is The Proposition, proposes Fletcher, though Borchers isn’t so sure. Borchers noted that Reynold’s best performance was on Punk’d.

    Judd Apatow movie, "Funny People", with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen may be the tearjerker of the summer. Adam Sandler discovers he has an untreatable blood disorder and that he is going to die, so he brings Rogen on to write his scripts and they become best buds.


8 a.m.

Mega Robo Thunder Morning Query 

    People are being ticketed for swearing in public, a woman dropped an f-bomb in Walmart, someone said he didn’t like the cats pooping in his year while on his property and said the s-word in Galviston County, TX. Should saying profanities in public be illegal?

    Charlie started the discussion with a little anecdote, going into how his road rage happened to come out, "I shouted, "what am I driving the invisible effing car here?” in front of my kid." So yes, his son will be repeating that on the first day of  kindergarten this fall.

    Ed, always the strong opinion of the group, said, " What about free speech? The first amendment? Who decides what is offensive?" and later in the show said "When I'm sitting with friends and family, I'm thinking 'okay, what can’t I say' and have to turn it off in my head before I get close to spitting out an s-word at a family dinner." Fletcher noted that this isn't “me being me” and compared monitoring profanities to using your fake “phone voice”.

Final Consensus: We're gonna swear and we're gonna like it.

Boston Celtic's Media Relations Man, '90's Rapper and Occasional NBA Player, Dana Barros calls in to talk Celtics.

    Ed: We refuse to stop talking about Big Baby's apology. What do you think about it?
    Barros: I think the father should have his ticks taken away, that was ridiculous! When you buy a floor ticket, it says on the back that there are consequences, and that’s one of them, sometimes. Tiger Woods hit a lady in the head last week and she was happy, so he ought to be thrilled. The kid has been on ESPN for three days straight, what else do they want?
    Charlie: Would you say that Big Baby is outgrowing his nickname?
    Barros: Time for him to be called Big Glen (though Ed suggests Big Toddler) because he’s really stepped up with KG not being able to play. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do defensively and offensively.
    Ed: How has the team changed since last year's playoffs?
    Barros: We were so confident last year, but now Orlando is creating a lot of problems. You have to take into account every single match up that you encounter.
    Charlie: You made a comeback in the 2003-04 basketball season. What was that all about?
    Barros: We had some injuries and I ended up practicing for about 2 weeks. The coach at the time asked me to come out and I got back on the court, at the age of 37 and at 5’11.


9 a.m.

Admiral Chirstopher Pike aka Bruce Greenwood calls in to talk Trek!   

    Fletcher: Now, I went to the screening here and there were a couple people dressed to the nines, but the actual premiere must have been absolutely wild!
    Greenwood: Well Hollywood Blvd was absolutely packed with people, but not too many were actually in costumes. On the other hand, there was a premiere in the little farm town in Alberta, Vulcan suggested by Leonard Nimoy, and it was absolutely insane there. The entire town was dressed up.
    Ed: Now, I have to tell you that I hate the fact that Fletcher hopped on the Star Trek bandwagon after he saw this movie despite never having been a fan. He's a total hipster douchebagger.   
You've starred in movies with Sir Anothony Hopkins, Phillip Seymor Hoffman, Will Smith. Do you have this incredible agent or something?
    Greenwood: Let's just say I made a deal with the devil.
    Ed: What's the deal from here?
    Greenwood: Well, we're going back and seeing what created these characters in the first place. This is the story of their beginnings. Spock was a brilliant jerk, and Kirk was also a jerk and they always in heated arguments,  but they're friends. It's very human stories despite the massive scale, not to diss what Ed lives and breathes for,  but it's much more human than Star Wars.

Fletcher Missed that Movie too: Space Camp

    Joaquin, who in 1986 was apparently known as Leaf Phoenix, plays a pudgy kid with a bowl cut. Also stars Tate Donovan, Lea Thompson, Tom Skerritt and Kelly Preston. Fletcher says, "It's not about the movie, it's about being able to make your own jokes about certain characters." Fletcher was especially fond of the friendship between Joaquin Phoenix, aka Max, and the robot Jinx. It was based on the Huntsville, Alabama space camp. Fletcher said, "I kinda sorta enjoyed it, mostly because it was campy." Rating: C+

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