The Sandbox Recap 5.12.09 by Intern Erin

Bah Weep Grahan Weep Ninny Bong to everyone!


6 a.m. 

Sports w/ Special Ed 

    Ernest Provetti is asking for an apology from Big Baby, for bumping into his 12-year-old son while celebrating his big buzzer shot the other night. He claimed that Glen Davis was like "raging animal with no regard for fans' personal safety." In the clip, it most certainly looks as though the son was not watching the game, had his back to the shot, and deserved the little shove! See 1:15 on the video!


    Scott Walker only got a $2500 fine, no suspension. Ed is severely disappointed in the NHL officials for this one. 

Henry Santoro's 180: Covering Half of Everything

        By now everyone knows about the trolley crash in government center last week. We definitely know who the driver is, that he definitely ran a red light, that he was definitely texting his girlfriend, that he definitely had 3 speeding tickets since 2002, that 50 people were definitely injured, and now he's not definitely a dude?! Apparently he was born with the name Georgia Quinn, and has quite recently become an 'Aiden'!

    Scott of Woburn says, "This reminds me of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where the guy comes in to consolidate all of the remotes into one. Larry David wants to fire him, but won't because he's black, despite his screw-ups. Except that now the screw-ups are too big to look past, even if he is a he/she."

    Fletcher commented, "How can you be that comfortable with driving that huge thing underground during rush hour with 50 people inside that you can text? I really don't understand that."

    Charlie put it simply, saying, "Well it's on tracks, can there's two options, forward or reverse. All he had to do was put on the breaks!"

    There also seems to be an uncanny resemblance between Special Ed and Aiden Quinn. Perhaps long lost brothers?


7 a.m.

Fletcher's Never Seen Nor Heard Review

     Crystal Method, the electronic music duo, released their 4th studio album "Divided by Night", featuring artists like Matisyahu, Emily Haines and The Heavy. Rating: E

    Stanley Clark Trio: "They pump some bitchin' jazz," says Fletcher. In noting the two kinds of jazz, swingy big band jazz and  cool moody elevator jazz, he seems to think this isan example of the second of the two.

    Afroman is back, and he is still singing about getting high.  He gives "Because I Got High" a new spin, updating the old lyrics, and leaving the infamous chorus unchanged. The new album is called "Frobama: Head of State". Well, of course it is. Rating: THC.

    Steve Earl released a tribute album today called "Townes". One song features Tom Morello, and we're crossing fingers that it's the 'Night Watchmen' Tom Morello that's featured, not the other Morello... Bring back the old Steve Earl!

    Big Business, clearly a fake heavy metal band, or  as Wikipedia puts it "stoner/sludge metal". But real metal, Lamb of God, is at the House of Blues tonight!

    Pick of the Week: Maximo Park's new "Quicken the Heart" has captured Fletcher's heart, and perhaps only because they're a UK band! They are also said to be one of the UK's most popular live bands!  

    In discussing the release of "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" on DVD, Charlie notes that Kate Beckinsale may very well be one of the three hottest brunettes, although she could use a real sandwich.  

    Liam Neeson's Taken is out on DVD. And yes, he does kick ass after guiding his daughter to being kidnapped. Rating: A, because of Neeson. 

    The Grudge 3 was not out in theaters, and won't be watched on DVD either, whether you saw the first two or not. Rating:  WWTE: who'll watch this ever!

    The Dana Carvey Show is released on a 2-DVD set special! It featured future talents such as Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K..  They "luckily recovered", says Special Ed.


8 a.m. 

    Third Eye Blind, who played acoustic in the Puma Red Room at the Hard Rock Cafe, played Jumper for us, followed by a quick public interview about George Lucas and the drum solo of Jumper.

Qdoba Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query

The new T3 Motion, the love child of the Segway and a Smartcar, is being used by the Arlington police force. They cost $9,000 each and are extremely green: zero emission, 10 cents to operate a day, operates on charged battery and can go up to 12 miles per hour! 25 miles per hour upon special order! A bike, and your feet, have all these features at much less than 9k! Is the T3 Motion a waste of money? Is it nothing but another vamped up scooter?

    Brett in Arlington actually saw on of these bad larries in action, telling us that "one police officer was on it, the other was trying to figure out how to work it. It looks like a Segway for someone without balance."

   Promotional ad for the T3 Motion: “Personal mobile device that provides access to places officers cannot with cars (but can with their feet), can go indoors (which you can also do with your feet), has fabulous storage, very similar to police car with smaller features, including lights and a siren.”

    Charlie commented that it would serve the purpose of "giving officers a head above everyone else on the days where Boston streets are packed, or in amusement parks and Disney."

    Final Consensus: Total waste.. we'll walk instead.


9 a.m. 

Andy Ference Calls In to Talk Hockey with Ed

    Ed: Don't you think it's bull that Walker didn't get suspended for a single game?
    Andy: Yeah, we can't do much about it, but doesn't seem fitting for a wheel of justice.

    Charlie: Since he wasn't, is this going to ignite their fire?
    Andy: Games 3 and 4 were awful games to watch, but I think we’re back to where we ought to be. If you need any extra motivation during the playoffs, you’re playing the wrong sport.

Pop Trash

    The right wasn't too keen with Wanda Sykes' jokes about Rush Limbaugh's connection with terrorism and OxyContin.

    Simon Cowell says Adam Lambery will win American Idol. He also made the cover of Entertainment Weekly  for being  "the most exciting  American Idol contestant in years".

    Boy George is out of prison for beating the Norwegian whore man.

    Politician David Cameron suspected that Ludacris may have smuggled a weapon past the White House Security and into the Correspondents Dinner. Quite likely.. the man raps about Coronas and girls, not guns!

Game of the Day: The Rap Game

     Congrats to Greg of Boston for finishing the line “ People losing their jobs, they can’t pay the rent, still stamps went up by two whole… cents!” Greg now has a pair of tickets to Keane at the Bank of America Pavilion and will get in for their sound check beforehand!
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