The Sandbox Recap 5.11.09 By Intern Erin

 Bah Weep Grahan Weep Ninny Bong!


6 a.m. 

 Fletcher, Special Ed and Santoro are back from Puma City!

Pop Trash 

    At the Correspondents Dinner at the White House, Obama brought more laughs than the actual comedians did, cracking jokes about Joe Biden, Rush Limbaugh, his first 100 days and his dog. Everyone couldn't help but chuckle when he greeted the Head of the RNC, Michael Steele, with a "Wazzup?"

    In other news, "Star Trek" was at the top of the Box Office at $76.5 million, with "Wolverine" inching down to number two, and somehow "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past" is still in the top three.


7 a.m. 

Santoro's 180 

    Although many don't like the idea of Big Brother (or at least libertarian-for-the-day Ed doesn't), people that are suspected of a crime, and could very well be innocent, are given a GPS ankle bracelet to track their whereabouts, and a cell phone that they'll call to tell you you're out of your boundaries. Is it fair that you're being stalked by the government if you're not a convicted perv?

     Bay State Authorities cannot use the system to track sex offenders that are waiting on trial and have not yet been convicted. At what point during the trial would you break it up?

    Ted, a police officer in Ipswich, noted that, "The bracelet isn't used to track them, but to "keep them in jail in their own house" and to make sure that they stay out of the vicinity of their victim's house/workplace."

    Special Ed argues that, "If there is a bracelet on my ankle and I didn't do it, the entire neighborhood is still going to question me, assume I'm guilty and tell their kids to stay the hell away."

Mark Shanihan

    The Shan was stood up by Kevin Costner! Ouch! He also went to a question and answer session with the Sasha Grey, about her new movie and Rolling Stone write-up. But he didn't do a piece on her because she wouldn't allow pictures! That's a fail!


8 a.m.

Qboda Mega Robo Thunder Phone Query

   Mass Turnpike Executive Director, Alan LeBovidge, resigned after having suffered criticism for two cost-cutting moves. He probably did this to avoid being cut. If you were in his shoes, and you knew that you were going to be fired, would you jump the gun and quit first?

   The major reason not to seems to be that you could be losing a reference for jobs in the future and it's very unlikely that you'll get unemployment benefits.

   Caller Ed says, "Quit, but not right away. Two weeks notice makes a good cushion to find another job."

    Zach of Wakefield chimed in about a co-worked of his, "Mike knew that he was going to get fired, and came into work on Monday as Michelle. Then he couldn't get fired because it would be discrimination. And no, it wasn't an act, he's still out there wearing lipstick.

   Special Ed says, "You can't quit on the spot! You have to take advantage of the time that you have to torture the office! You can always use the line: "What are you gonna do, fire me?!""

    Final Consensus: The wild and rebellious majority of listeners have agreed they would quit first, and quit on the spot.

Sports w/ Pat D

    45 expletives in summing up a winning weekend of sports for Boston!

Dawn Yanek, Editor-at-large of Life & Style Weekly, and Fletcher get their gossip on!

    Miss California.. does anyone even know who actually won? Because it's kind of sad when everyone knows more about the girl that keeps screwing up than they do about the winner!

    Nude photos of Rihanna. Nude pictures, can't see her face. Clothed pictures, can see her face. Finally one of these teenage celeb girls has learned how to get it done! Could Chris Brown be responsible for the mass leakage??

    Jon Gosselin and his cheating scandal! What else are you to expect of the family that has been living a televised life for the past four years?

Pop Trash 

    On the topic of Rihanna and posting nude photos on the web, Charlie commented, "If I put my junk on the internet, no one's going to even care!"

    Will Champion, of Coldplay, noted that "similarities are inevitable" in the music industry when asked about the Viva La Vida scandal. Fletcher's convinced. Ed, not so much.

   Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg have moved on from "Junk in a Box" to "Mother Lover". We love it!

9 a.m.

Ask Ed's Parents Anything!

    Callers called in to talk to Special Ed's parents to ask about the natural birth of Ed, past girlfriends, and his experience with law enforcement. If you want to pictures of Ed as a child, watch the Sandbox webcam! And a big thanks to the Mom of Special Ed for the delicious cookies you came bearing!

WTF Line

    Listeners were quite disappointed that there wasn't enough time for Charlie's hott younger sister, but someone called to give light to her existence regardless. 

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