The Sandbox Recap 5.08.09 by Intern Erin

Bah Weep Grahan Weep Ninny Bong!

6 a.m.


What’s new in 101.7seconds:

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Mickey Carroll, our favorite little Munchkin from “The Wizard of Oz”, passed away at the age of 89.
Jennifer Garner was voted “Best Celebrity Mom” in a poll on for Mother’s Day.
Dom Dimaggio is the 2nd "Dom" to die this week, at 92 years of age.
Mass. Transitional Assistance is giving out 65 free cars per year to welfare recipients to help them get jobs and get back on track, in which case they still get to keep the car, loaded with insurance, repairs and AAA service.

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Stuff Magazine’s Mike Diskin gives us a look at what's going on around Boston!  
The LGBT film festival, based at MFA, will be in town until next Wednesday.
Tickets to see individual showings are $10.00 each.
Live music scene: 
    -Tragically Hip at the House of Blues Saturday
    - DJ Khan at Puma City. Diskin says “He’s the man.”
- Ben Harper and Relentless7 at Paradise on Saturday
Boys II Men at Showcase Live in Foxboro
Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling at the Wilbur Theater
Brooke Hogan at Shrine for her 21st Birthday.

7 a.m.

Henry’s 180
    In Salem, Oregon, a man was accused of criminally mistreating his four children, all under the age of ten, by putting dog collars around their necks and zapping them with the remote. Listeners were torn between thinking that it was cruel and painful while others said the collars don't give humans a hint of shock.
    “Why else have kids if not to entertain yourself?” –Ed

Puma Ocean Racers Casey Smith and Shannon Falcone make the Sandbox feel less manly! 
Casey Smith, of Australia, and Shannon Falcone, of Spain, come in to talk about racing on a sailboat around the world for Puma Ocean Racing, which is basically 95% “routine of eating, sleeping, working” and 5% “floating frat house”. Their team is now  3rd overall in the race. Although they are not allowed to launch cannons at other boats, you can get a glimpse of their cool shoes, accents and manliness by watching them race around Boston Harbor tomorrow at 1pm.

Game of the Day: “Who said It?”

Congrats to Sharon in Boscawen, NH for identifying a clip from earlier this week! Enjoy the Offsping show at the Tsongus Arena July 10th!

8 a.m. 

Qdoba Mega Robo Thunder Morning Query:

If someone offered you a frowned upon performance enhancing drug that would make you make quadruple more money than you do, would you take it?

    Barry from Wakefield says, "If Everybody else in your field is using this drug, like in baseball, then what's the problem? Gotta level the playing field for yourself."

    Chris of Medford says, "He should’ve been fined more, if you have such a good thing going, why would you risk it? It’s the missing of the games that’s really going to hurt him. When he comes back, if he does, he's going to suck big time."     

     Nick, calling from Route 128, says "Manny's already playing a game for a living. Gosh. Why would you go and screw it up?"     

   Fletcher said when it came to The Beatles, "performance enhancing drugs made for fantastic music." 


Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling began the line of comedians making appearances at Puma City!

    When asked about the Wilbur theater policy of no alcohol, The Jokemand says, "Even Boston folks can go 90 minutes without a drink."

    Was his act was funnier when he used to drink? "Oh, I always worked sober, everyone just expected that I was drinking because I made a fool of himself."

Martling is performing tonight at the Wilbur Theater, tickets are available at The laughs don’t have to end after his show tonight! Email if you want The Jokeman to send you a joke a day.

9 a.m.

Pop Trash

    Kiefer turned himself in for the infamous head butt, and could be facing up a year in jail for it along with a $1,000 fine with a 3rd degree assault charge.

    Nine In Nails front man Trent Reznor posted on Twitter that not only was Cornell’s solo awful,  but that Rivers Cuomo has released sub-par albums. "I’m not Prince or Rivers Cuomo, who claim to have hundreds of unreleased songs," said Reznor.

    Paula Abdul performed her new single and still claims that she's never been addicted to drugs or alcohol and has never been to rehab.
    Scott Hannerty, of Fox news, covered a story of Barack Obama and Joe Biden being real people, eating burgers at a small restaurant in Virginia! Obama's condiment of preference happens to be Dijon mustard!

Comedians Rob Riggles, of the Daily Show, and Janeane Garofalo stop by the Fan Pier!

 This was a homecoming for Garofalo, who grew up and worked as a bike messenger in Allston, but was fortunate enough to have lived there before the evergrowing rat problem. She talked about "Air America Radio" and how she would love to wind up with another radio show somewhere down the line. The Sandbox decided if any of them come down with swine flu (cough, Charlie), they would love to have her!
 Riggles came in wearing a Dodgers' hat, and of course this was the first topic of interest. It just so happened that the only baseball cap he owned and his decision to wear it during the Manny scandal was purely ironic!
 Altcom is presenting both comedians at the Somerville Theater tonight at 7pm and 10pm!

WTF Line

As usual, most callers are wondering why Ed seems to talk about anything but sports?

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