The Sandbox Show Recap 5.06.09 by Intern Erin

Bah Weep Grahan Weep Bong Sand Bitches

 6 A.M.

What's new in 101 seconds:

Sully, the pilot that saved the world, is being commemorated with a library.
The Boston Globe Guild finally came to an agreement, meaning Boston is still a 2 newspaper town!
Don Law and David Mugar buy the Orpheum, Opera House and Paradise for 22.5 mill to pay down its debt!
Harvard says a little booze is good for the heart!
Crystal Meth playing at the House of Blues tonight, Jim Bean and Galactic at Paradise.
Brett Favre is back! How many times has it been now?
National burger month! Eat up!
The swine flu kills 2 in the US. We're doomed.
Dom Delouise, actor, comedian, producer, chef and author, died at age 75.
You can hear Santoro's interview once had with Deluise during tomorrow's show!


Sports & Burrito Report

The FNX team battled against a competitive group of beauty queens and brawny firemen in the Qdoba Burritto de Mayo burrito eating contest. Ferone was named the team MVP, Pat D was named the team let down for "nibbling".
The Sox beat the Yanks 7-3 last night, the series marking their first appearance at the new NY 1.5 billion dollar stadium. Jason Bay had a 3-run home run in the 1st inning. More empty seats than people. Good investment, huh. Sox are coming home tonight, Masterson said to start. The Bruins are in North Carolina for game 3 of the Eastern Conference final at the only stadium in the US that allows fans to bring in firearms...? Celtics at the Garden for game 2 against Magic.

Erica Corsano, the Editorial Director of Stuff Magazine, drops by Puma City to put in a good word for Pat D and talk about Stuff's summer issue, all about hair salons, Mario Russo, the godfather of Boston salons and how Santoro's afro is among the best in Boston.

180 Brought to you by Santoro!

Thanks to Markoff, the Craig's list killer, MA and RI officials are looking to shut down the adult section of Craig's list and the Phoenix (a long shot), because they're bordering the line of prostitution.


7 A.M.

Fletcher's Old Movie Review

"They Live" (1988) All the poor and lazy are homeless and the ones with the control and money are aliens mooching off average joes. Roddy Piper becomes the vigilante and will fight you if you don't put on the sunglasses. Epic five minute fight scene. Epic quotes that will make you say WTF Piper?! Fletch gives it a B+/B rating.
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum." 

Patriots tickets go on sale June 4th. But be aware that Tom Brady went all Timberlake on us the other day before you get your hopes up on him..

Local Comic, Zach Sherman aka MC Mr. Napkins, Z Stylez, Zack the Ripper comes to Puma City to say hello! He placed 2nd in Yucks for Bucks comedy show, meaning no prize and no title. The Sandbox released a public apology for him not winning. He likes audiences to have a gentle buzz, is not typically heckled and has a show Saturday "Tofunny" with all vegan comedians. You can see pictures of the white, dorky herbivore at (don't ask, he can't explain).


8 A.M.

Morning Query: Should grown ass men be biting nails?

After learning that Anderson Cooper is a life long nail biter, Fletch thinks that it's okay to bite. But Special Ed says Fletch does it consciously to annoy the hell out of people.

Final Consensus: It may be gross and immature, but a nail biter is better than a man with a manicure. "Never trust a guy with pretty nails."

Blue October came into the Puma Red Room to talk to the guys and played an acoustic version of "Dirt Room" live Sunday! You heard it here! What pop culture influences them? Why, scooters of course!


9 A.M. 

Pop Trash w/ Fletcher

-Keifer Sutherland head butted someone at a NY Fashion Show defending the honor of Brooke Shields. And yes, he is still on probation for a DUI.
-The Hoff says that the BAC was "absolutely, unbelievably a lie. I went for a stomach problem." Yeah, Hoff...
-Michael Jackson is being sued by his female costar of Thriller, who is yet to be compensated for the profits from the '80's video
-Brianna Curry, a six-year-old diagnosed with a brain tumor, was ecstatic when her Make-a-Wish Foundation dream, to meet and chat with Ted Nugent, came true. That's one dream that you wouldn't expect from a little girl...
-The View is getting intellectual, meaning they did research, and starting arguing about Darwinism.
-Slash judged on Rock Week on American Idol last night! Fletch is still the only one watching!

Game of the Day: Michael McDonald, formerly of Steely Dan, belts out some songs off key and off beat. Can you guess what the hell he's singing?

Congrats to Ben of Dover, NH for deciphering the songs Good Riddance, Feel Good and the Speed of Sound! He'll be going to see the Offspring at the Tsongas Arena July 10th!

WTF Line

All complaints pointed at Fletcher's issues and Pat D's Burrito de Mayo failures.

Catch us tomorrow from 6am-10am!
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