Too Soon?

 So, another celebrity has bitten it early.   Whenever this happens we make awful jokes and debate if it is too soon to be making fun of the dead.


Heath Ledger was found dead in his home yesterday.  His death is being reported as a possible overdose but this has not been confirmed.  An autopsy is planned for later today.


Here are the awful jokes we came up with this morning:

Special Ed

IMDB has updated his profile.  It now reads Heath Dead-ger.

Police report that he was found with a Batarang in his back.

I guess you can quit him.

I guess he didn't order the "Happy Ending". 

His next role will be Bernie in a remake of "Weekend at Bernie's".

If you're gonna go, go with a smile .


HEADLINE - Grim day for Jacob Grimm

Turns out there at least 10 things Heath hated about knocking up Michelle Williams. 

The Batman production team regrets using Tammy Faye make-up products for the Joker's new look. 

Henry Santoro

When asked on Monday if he had any plans to drop out of the race for president , Republican Fred Thompson said -- "Heath Ledger will have to die before I drop out."


Leave a comment yelling at us for being insensitive or with your own awful jokes.


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