We're canceling Thanksgiving this year. Because "It's Thanksgiving," the new vid from Rebecca Black producer, made us lose our appetite

Okay so we're a couple of days late to this party, but the new "music" video from viral video producer Patrice Wilson (the man behind Rebecca Black, who must be giving thanks right about now that she got to "Friday" first) has to be addressed.

Speaking of parties, the kids-only dinner party Nicole West here is throwing for Thanksgiving raises some concerns.

Like, why are all these tweens having this Lord of the Flies Thanksgiving dinner by themselves? Where are all the adults?

Speaking of adults, who invited that old guy in the turkey hat to dinner? (and apparently to every other holiday they've celebrated since last Christmas.)

I think he's kidnapped these kids and is holding them hostage, maybe? Like, he killed their parents and made them into a nice amuse-bouche, and  he's forcing all these kids to try it, even though they think it looks yucky and would prefer sweet potatos with marshmallows, or something?

Which might actually be preferable to the Kraft Mac N' Cheese dish Nicole is making at 1:27 which is never something that anyone eats for Thanksgiving, ever.

Unless she's only 12-years-old, and doesn't know how to make anything else, and some dude dressed up in a giant poultry costume said he'd turn her into a skin suit if she didn't make a nice dinner and invite all of her friends from school.

When she breaks it down and raps that "nothing is forbidden" what exactly do we think she referring to? Wait, don't answer that.

The turkey. Hey! The mashed potatoes. Hey! The horror and confusion. Hey...

No, but seriously, really looking forward to the video's sequal "It's Arbor Day" in which Patrice plants his seed and makes all the kiddies water his tree.

The internet had a good run, guys, but it might be time to wrap this thing up. 

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