Meet the Mayor: Unitarian Universalist Association

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Unitarian Universalist Association
Eric Cherry

If Beacon Hill was a person instead of a neighborhood, what religion do you think it would belong to?
Definitely Unitarian Universalism, because we're so grounded in the history of this part of the city. The Beacon Hill neighborhood is surrounded by historic Unitarian churches. King's Chapel, Arlington Street Church, and First Church in Boston on the other side of the Public Garden.

What religion to do think Superman would belong to?
Superman is probably spiritual, but not religious. He's deeply connected to powerful energies and not limited to any specific religious dogma.

One time, I baptized all the cats in my apartment. Was that a good idea?
I'm sure it's fine.

If there's such a place as Heaven, could it truly be considered paradise if cats aren't allowed in?
Hard to imagine paradise without cats, or pets in general, I should say.

Anyway, democracy is a big thing for UUs, but nobody elected you Foursquare mayor. How do you reconcile your position with your ethics?
That's true. Foursquare is a very non-democratic decision maker. If somebody checked in more often than me, I'd be glad to pass the mayorship over.

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