Meet the Mayor: Felipe's Taqueria

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Felipe's Taqueria
Ivelisse Estrada

There have been countless heated debates about which burrito joint is the best in town. Make a case for Felipe's.
All you have to do is go and try it. At [name of famous local burrito chain we don't want to sue us] ... I don't want to piss them off, but sometimes their beans are gross, or there's too much juice in the burrito and it drips all over the place and gets too mushy. That doesn't happen at Felipe's. Everything they do is perfectly cooked every time. It's not half-assed like [redacted] sometimes is. Am I going to start a turf war?

Pretty soon it'll be like we're all in The Warriors, except also eating burritos.  
Come out and plaaaaaayyyyyaaaaeeee ...

Is there ever an inappropriate time for a burrito?
Some people might be just kinky enough for ... that kind of thing.  Maybe you wouldn't want to eat a burrito in the bathroom. That's a little too, y'know, in and out, kind of icky. But I don't judge.

Would you want to live in Harvard Square?
No. It's infuriating enough to work in Harvard Square and have to dodge the throngs of tourists. You really have to know how to navigate. It's worse than driving I-93 south in Quincy.

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