Meet the Mayor: Blanchard's

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Blanchard's Liquors
Joray Pro Era

Why are you the mayor here?
I've been coming here for a while. I just didn't think that I'd get this particular mayorship. I figured there were people out there who were frequenting Blanchard's more than I was, but somehow I'm the mayor.

Yeah, but the guys waiting for the place to open at 11 am don't have smartphones.
Well, that's the thing. We're talking about Allston, which is very tech-savvy, and there are a lot of places here that trend. Spots like this, the Sunset Grill, Tavern in the Square, there's always something going on. I'm sure if I look right now, there'll be someone who's checked in at Blanchard's.

Are there any hard liquors you can't do?
I'm not really big on tequila. I can't necessarily say I'm a dark liquor fan, either. If I want a good liquor, I'll get vodka or scotch.

What's up with the worms?
I should be asking you that. Worms. Scorpions. I think I've seen a maggot or two in a couple of bottles. They've got some weird stuff in bottles of tequila. I would not want to be that last guy who has to eat the worm.

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