Hot Scoop: Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with these 6 local ‘screams (or maybe even a loathsome BK Bacon Sundae?)

BK BACON SUNDAE: Spoiler alert! It's terrible.

Guess what, everyone? It's the third Sunday in July -- meaning it's time once again for National Ice Cream Day, which is apparently something that you can thank Ronald Reagan for.

Surprisingly, it seems that National Ice Cream Day is not an entirely arbitrary bullshit holiday designation. While the snow cone's been around since roughly 400 BC -- basically, flavor syrups doused liberally over snow, which the ancient Persians kept in mind-boggling ice houses -- and ice-cream recipes start showing up in the 18th century, the ice-cream cone itself is a (debatably) much more recent invention, making its major debut at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. According to some accounts, on July 23, 1904, World's Fair concessionaire Charles Menches was the first to start "filling a pastry cone with two scoops of ice-cream." So there you have it: the ice-cream cone is immortalized in mid-July forever.

OK, enough talk -- let's gorge ourselves on frozen milkfat. Lucky for you (and us), this week, we taste-tested a bunch of Boston's best ice creameries ... and we even sent one brave soul to slog through a soft-serve concoction so heinous, it may have been extruded from the teat of Satan himself. The things we do for you people.

Here's what our crack research team came up with:

Blackberry basil, a really minty mint, and "fun" popsicles, like raspberry lemonade.


Three must-try summer flavors: passion fruit ("a citrusy punch in the face"), coconut chip, and honey ... and don't skip the gingerbread à la mode.

Go for the "Mad Dog Mango" (their spicy spin on sherbet) or ginger, sweet and tangy and studded with little chunks of real ginger.

JP Licks
This summer's hit at the dairy wonderzone: Oreo cheesecake. (The black raspberry's pretty damn good, too.)

Christina's Homemade Ice Cream
Hard to choose just one thing on Christina's massive menu (with flavors ranging from adzuki bean to banana cinnamon), but definitely try the burnt sugar.

This brand-new Allston vegan joint serves up coconut-based frozen treats in crazygood flavors: salted caramel, pistachio cardamom, Thai peanut, Dark & Stormy. Go now.

... And let's not forget the cherry on top:.

Burger King Bacon Sundae

Keywords: revulsion, caramel, salty, obscene, slow burn, smoked-meat spoon, shivering regret. 


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