Meet the Mayor: Buried Treasures

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Buried Treasures
Jessica Burbank

Why are you the mayor here?
My apartment smells from all the cooking my neighbors do, so I buy a lot of incense.

What do your neighbors cook?

You're not a fan?
Not for a long-term, weekly smell type of thing. It's not my favorite scent.

How does this place compare to other smoke shops in town?
The guy Brian who works here is really helpful with anything you need, and everybody in there is really friendly.

Oh my God, they sell Astronaut Ice Cream!
I love that. They sell it at the science museum, too. Now that I know it's sold here, I'll get some more. It tastes like cotton candy-esque ice cream. It's very fluffy and dry.

Does Buried Treasures have anything else in common with the Museum of Science?
Yeah, you just want to look at everything. They're both very visually appealing.

Can you recommend a good incense for covering up the smell of rotting flesh?
Maybe dragon's blood would do that. Blood, flesh -- same type of deal. Or musk. Musk will cover up anything. It's not the most lovely scent, but musk would do it.

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