Meet the Mayor: Middle East downstairs

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Middle East Downstairs
Mike Deeb

Describe the clientele here.
There's a group of hardcore regulars, but it depends. The bands get half off food, and they usually eat before people arrive. How the band treats us is usually an identifier of their crowd. If everyone in the band is a douchebag...

Care to name names?
In all honesty, I ignore the music unless it's a band I'm interested in, or if I wait on a band and they're really nice I might check them out after I get off work.

Wasn't this a restaurant before it was a club?
Initially, they would have shows but only Middle Eastern music - Belly dancing and stuff. At one point, one of the regulars or someone who worked here pushed really hard for a rock band to come in. They let it happen because, at the time, they weren't doing well. The rock portion gave the Middle East the name it has now.

Any thoughts on vampires?
I don't want to read "what Deeb thinks about vampires" in your article. I think that's the last thing I ever want to read, or anyone else wants to read. I refuse your question.

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