Sheriff Babeu: Flowers in the closet

Your princey pal

With a frisson of schadenfreude, I've been following the story of Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu. You remember: he of the hardline anti-immigration policy and the secret illegal bf? Well, he's from Massachusetts. Ever since I found out that little fact I've been waiting for some serious dirt to come to light on him; I'm sure lots of people move to Arizona from Mass for legitimate reasons, but in this case it just screamed "I've worn out my welcome on the East Coast somehow."

Aaaaand here it is.

This is a pretty damning report - this Arizona ABC affiliate is quoting Babeu's own sister as saying he was banging a 17-year-old student at the school Babeu ran in Stockbridge. And the school sounds pretty horrific, too - students punished with such measures as "sheeting" and "cornering." It sounds like the kind of boarding school V.C. Andrews would dream up.

There's some kind of object lesson here about closeted gay Republicans, but I'm too grossed out to decide what it is.

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