Top 10 Inadvertently Homoerotic Iowa Caucus Tweets You Might Have Missed

The Republican presidential slate ain't Seinfeld's posse (though some share views on race with Michael Richards). That's for sure. Despite it being 2012 and all, for GOP shitpiles there is something wrong with being gay, unless of course you're married to a candidate and still in the closet.

As we've seen over the past few months, this is the most shamelessly homophobic group of idiots imaginable, with one White House wannabe – who has more gay rumors circulating about him than John Travolta – going so far as to mock Brokeback Mountain in a campaign ad.

All that considered – plus the official definition of one of their names – it's getting impossible to watch any bit of this circus without noticing the unintentional yet too-obvious over-undertones of the whole thing. From one “topping another” in the polls, to their chief heterosexist Santorum thanking supporters who “stand behind us and do what's not popular," there's no end to the irony.

Still pundits and candidates aren't the only ones kicking non-stop innuendo. Whether they realize it or not – we think they don't – a lot of observers are also riding the shit out of this one. Here are the most inadvertently homoerotic tweets from tonight – some from adversaries, most from supporters – and by “tonight” we mean in the half-hour window that we trolled for accidental puns.

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