ACLU/NLG Statement Urging Menino Show Restraint

The National Lawyers Guild and American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts have released this statement in reponse to Mayor Tom Menino's warning that Occupy Boston vacate Dewey Square by midnight, or the city will take "further action":

Across the country, people from across the political spectrum have been shocked by
images of the force used against peaceful protestors, including beatings, and the use of
pepper spray.

Mayor Menino's announcement today has ensured nationwide attention for whatever
happens next in Boston. We call on the City not to repeat the mistakes made by carrying
out heavy-handed crackdowns. Midnight deadlines and actions taken suddenly or under
cover of darkness are rash and unhelpful.

Boston, as part of the long New England tradition of town meeting and grassroots
democracy, has an important role to play again in how it responds to Occupy Boston. We
believe that Boston can--and must--set an example for the entire nation in protecting the
rights of Occupy Boston participants, and the many other concerned citizens they

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