BU prof cooks meth like a pro, apparently doesn't teach calculus quite as well

What's with all these Breaking Bad comparisons? As far as we can tell, the only thing 74-year-old BU prof Irina Kristy has in common with Walter White is that she's a teacher....whose main extracurricular activity was cooking up meth... in her home....ohh, ok, there it is.

Is it messed up that when we first read of the charges Kristy is facing in yesterday's Boston Globe report we were sort of....impressed? Not impressed by crystal meth as a drug (from what we understand, that shit will eff. you. up. And not in a good way. In a twitchy, open-sored, rotting teeth, sucking off dudes under railroad trestles for a quick fix sort of way) but just sort of floored that this septuagenarian has been running a hardcore drug operation out of her Somerville kitchen in between preparing lesson plans. Granted, she reportedly had some help from her son, 29-year-old Grigory Genkin, but we're inclined to think that Kristy was the brains behind this thing. Just look at her. Criminal mastermind all the way.

While we could wax ridiculous about a geriatric math teacher-cum-drug-cooker for longer than anyone would care to read, we're going to let those who knew her best....her students...give you the salient points. From what we gather, she may have been right to explore other career options. Excerpts from

Sometimes I wondered if she was speaking any language

Her grading is pretty good, however, no one can understand what she is talking about...

Very weird and frightening woman.

Please, run for your mathematically inclined lives.


And perhaps our favorite:

She's not aware of her surroundings because she almost tripped over a ball.  ??

Blame it on the fumes, kids. And study hard if you don't want to end up like a character on Breaking Bad...or your former math teacher.


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