Two smears. one cup: Watch Karl Rove's new attack ad against Elizabeth Warren and #OWS


As promised, KARL ROVE's political action group CROSSROADS GPS is spending over a half-million bucks to flood Massachusetts airwaves with this new 30-second slop-bucket of a campaign ad (see below), which attempts to smear Scotto Brow's surging Senate opponent ELIZABETH WARREN by handcuffing her to the Occupy movement. "But wait," you're probably thinking, "Why is that a bad thing? Doesn't more than half the country -- and a much higher percentage of the independent-heavy Massachusetts electorate -- support Occupy's message of combatting corporate greed, banking fraud, and a political system hijacked by the super-rich?"

Well, sure -- it's just that in the alternate universe inhabited by Rove and his rabid army of free-market jihadis, there's a different Occupy movement. "At Occupy Wall Street," the female narrator intones, "protesters attack police, do drugs, and trash public parks." Good luck with that storyline, Karl. 

FULL COVERAGE: Occupy Boston

It might have played better for Rove if Harvard wasn't doing its damndest to kick the Occupation in the groin. Just as Rove was attempting to feather Warren with the Occupy tag and her lineage as an Ivy League professor, a competing narrative was playing itself in Cambridge, where cops took the extraordinary measure of closing the moat-like gates of Harvard Yard, in order to prevent a new Occupy movement from forming on the university's campus. It turns out Harvard doesn't want any more part of #Occupy than Oakland or Boston -- although a group of Harvard students inside the walls managed to begin an encampment by themselves in the early morning hours. (Our embedded Occupy correspondent Liz Pelly was Tweeting from the scene; stay tuned for a longer report.)

As Bernstein tweeted this morning, Rove's "anti-Warren ad is good -- if they're trying to help her win." 

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