I Want My KTV (Checking up on Karmaloop's "Reclaim Your TV" Campaign)

As you might have figured out by now, MTV sucks. I don't even think they have Kurt Loder anymore, and if they do, I'm sure that even he would tell you that he pines for the Madonna days, or even the Fred Durst days for that matter.

This isn't just me talking; the college kids I work with, true blue hipsters one and all, tell me straight up that they're over everything but 16 and Pregnant. From what I hear that one's a big hit with the non-pregnant upper middle class crowd.

On the flip side of the TV paradigm there's Current, which appeals to post-adolescents, but also tends to be a bit serious for people who don't like being screamed at by Keith Olbermann. Plus they're not big on music, which leaves a void for some.

Enter KTV - the soon-to-hit-cable-television network being launched by the Boston-based streetwear behemoth Karmaloop. As I wrote in the Phoenix a few months ago, they're trying fill the void between the likes of MTV and Current, as they've been doing online for years.

Here's where you come in. As KTV enters negotiations with cable providers, they're asking friends, fans, and users to create videos explaining just how much heads want this. And it seems to be working - there are a shitload of these already posted (including ones from Diddy and KTV creative director Pharrell Williams).

This kid is funny, plus he grabs his dick a lot.

You should jump on the KTV bandwagon for the sake of street art, and good programming, and burying MTV. But there are also major prizes to be won - not just for the best video ($2500), but for the best tweet ($1000) about the contest. My vote goes to Brittan (below), but I wish you the best of luck.


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