What I learned at TEDxBoston

TEDxBoston revolutionary ideas

Editor's note: Boston singer/songwriter, Will Dailey attended TEDxBoston, Boston's third independently organized TED event held at the Seaport World Trade Center on June 28, 2011. We asked Will to share what it was like participating as a first-time TEDx-er and performer.


1. Musician's are not expected to give lecture presentations with slides. They are only expected to perform and entertain. There is no need to panic and stay up until 4AM trying to think up a presentation. I should read through emails.

2. Being at a TEDx event is profoundly different than watching TED videos online.

3. There are good people in the world imbued with acute passion who are working hard to solve what is wrong with the world.

4. The wars that drugs, terrorism and weather wage against humans seem like a playground fight to that of the relentless attack from cancers.

5. You should not euthanize oiled birds!

6. Technology, there is still good in you! I sense it.

7. Another reason Boston is the greatest city in the world: we have the smartest people.

8. If meditation can help convicted criminals with life sentences then it should work wonders on me. Plus: God fearing wardens are more afraid of Buddhism than they are of dangerous criminals.

9. Solutions are everywhere and ready to be implemented. We just need the action and the will.

10. Performing and listening to music can be enjoyable even in conference lecture halls.

11. The company of others: there is not and there never will be an app for that.

12. It is easier being the least important person in the room when you feel like you're in the most important room.

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