[video] Shippin’ The Cup To Boston

bruins fans at the corner of harvard ave and brighton ave in boston

Somebody had to show Canada what hockey is really all aboot. Once the axe fell and the Bruins raised the Stanley Cup over their heads in Vancouver, patrons of the packed watering holes throughout Boston poured into the streets in maniacal merriment. All around Allston was an eruption of cheers, chants, firecrackers, American flags, high fives, strangers hugging strangers and horns honking. And of course, police crammed every major corner and avenue. While this was hardly a riot, (especially compared to the savage and dangerous response Vancouver produced) it was certainly a prime display of boisterous Boston brevity. The shouting stragglers stumbled across the streets with reckless abandon, cheering as motorists hammered on their horns and rode their brakes through the intersections.

Seldom is the sight of armed cops a comforting sight -- the Boston Police presence was massive. The BPD dispatched cops with kendo sticks for the initial crowd control and were backed up by an MBTA busload of riot cops in full turtle armor on the corner of Brighton and Comm. Ave. Their strength in numbers seemed to dissuade even the most daring drunkard from stepping out of line. Navigating the crowds was not inherently dangerous so long as pedestrians moved quickly and did not pick fights with the drunks. But there was little evidence of violence. This was a night of celebration. The Bruins hadn't brought home the Cup since the days of the legendary Bobby Orr and the 1972 team. With two World Series, one NBA Championship, three Superbowl trophies and the Stanley Cup, this was the final piece of a wicked good sports decade in the city of Boston.

VIDEO: On the streets of Allston after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup

Christoph Krey (MCALISTER DRIVE) shot the above video navigating his departure leaving the Phoenix Best Music Poll awards party at Brighton Music Hall. The tour includes the mob of boisterous fans plus the police at the hub of Bruins' fan excitement in Allston at the intersection of Brighton Ave and Harvard Ave.


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