The Illustrated Animal Collective: Hipster Animals spotted in the Phoenix!

Ah, summer -- when herbivores and carnivores cast aside their differences to cordially converge on a picnic blanket for feasting, soaking up the sun, and maybe playing a few rounds of Frisbee Golf. How and where is such idyll possible? Read for yourself in our Summer Guide round-up of picnic spots and nearby noshing grounds.

And do these particular meat-eaters and plant-grazers look familiar? They should. These animals evolved specifically for the purpose of swilling PBR, worshipping fixed-gear bikes, squeezing into metallic leggings, and sprouting majestic mustache plumage. Their keen senses root out obscure music you've never heard of. Behold the type of irony that Chuck Darwin would tweet about. Any naturalist will tell you, these could only be Hipster Animals.

Their NYC-based creator, Dyna Moe, an NYU film-school grad, should be all too familiar with the urban hipster. And from this extensive field research sprang the thrift-store-clad menagerie that's been setting the Internet ablaze with its sheer uncanniness.

Considering that we here at the Phoenix have been obsessing over her Tumblr for the last several weeks, we just couldn't resist asking her to whip up a few beasties for our Summer Guide. And then she totally said yes.

Back before she struck gold with her indier-than-thou animals, Dyna Moe made a splash with the Mad Men artwork that inspired scores of Facebook users to change their profile pictures. But with Mad Men on hold till 2012, Dyna Moe has put the animal kingdom to work portraying the kind of megafauna you might find on safari at any Allston/Brighton/J.P./Somerville house party: the Trust Fund Asshole red panda double-fisting PBR's while rocking a super-tight Boy Scout shirt, last year's trousers and old-school shoes; the lion vegan cupcake baker; or the Emperor Tamarind Craft Beer Snob with his fedora and alarming facial hair.

But don't worry; none of these illustrations depict you. You're an individual!

Check out more of Dyna Moe's work at And if you hurry, you can pick up an issue of the Summer Guide, and see her Hipster Animals up close and personal, in glorious newsprint. 

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