ABC backs off Osama's sister's brain?

The bizarre-yet-irresistable story about the FBI taking DNA samples from Osama's sister's brain spread itself across the Internet today. Most accounts source the story to the Telegraph, and the Telegraph sources it to ABC, which credits an unnamed informant for the info.

But ABC seems to be backing off the story now. "A DNA sample collected from bin Laden's body Sunday was compared to DNA from multiple relatives, a U.S. intelligence official told ABC News. . . .It is unclear whether bin Laden's sister, who died of brain cancer in Boston in 2005, was one of the relatives used in the comparison," writes ABC reporter Katie Moisse. Though later IN THAT SAME STORY she adds, "Details of the technique used to match bin Laden's DNA against his sister's are unknown."


Meanwhile, by the time Popular Science picked this story up, it had mutated to the point that Osama's still-unnamed sister's brain was being kept in "the FBI's hall of brains." Et tu, PopSci? Are you people just making shit up now?

It's worth noting that the initial ABC report came from Brian Ross, whom Gawker once called America's Wrongest Reporter



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