Spotlight on Boston's BEST: Vegetarian Restaurant

A little known fact of human evolution: during the time of hunter-gatherers, there existed a separate camp of primitive earth dwellers. These hominids were known simply as gatherers, eschewing the practice of sacrificing animals for feeding on. For them, preying on animals was considered cheating at life, when the high-road was paved with a careful diet of plants, bushes and berries. Only later did they discover the holy grail of non-meat cuisine: the vegetable. Like the discovery of fire, the vegetable changed human existence forever, and allowed the gatherers to co-exist peacefully with the barbaric hunter-gatherers. But now a new phase in vegetable eating hominids must be decided. The Boston Phoenix must know: which vegetarian restaurant is the BEST?

Do your part, and help the vegetarians finally vanquish their primordial foe, the Lady Gaga meat-dress lovers, worshippers of all things blood and gizzards. Vote for the best vegetarian restaurant in Boston!

Who can save us?  The final contenders are: Grasshopper Restaurant in Allston, True Bistro Food & Drink in Somerville, Life Alive Urban Oasis in Lowell, Peace o' Pie Gourmet Pizza in Allston, The Otherside Cafe in Boston, or The Pulse Cafe in Somerville?

Vote now! 

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