Haters: Come one, Come All and Take a Stan

The other day, I found a link from one reliable source/friend to another reliable source/friend lying ever-so-unassumingly on a facebook thread. The subject of said link is a common one between said reliable sources/friends: Lady Gaga. Upon clicking, however, I recognized that this was no average recitation nor berating of the above pop star. Though not lacking in an abundance of idol/idle references to former pop idol/idle(s), the new-window directed site featured an encyclopedic, nay wikipediac, approach to the stars and the topics which their meager talent gives way to. And by that I mean, say hello to a new lexicon of snarkily trashing pop divas complete with faux wiki-entries and flattering photos. Welcome to stanning, stan-wars, and the art of ripping FILL IN SINGER'S NAME a new one without a thought about their home lives, daddy issues, or pressure of leading a private life in the public. In other words,

"Welcome to, a comprehensive guide to worshipping people you don't know, who live a lifestyle you can't afford, supported by an industry you don't understand."

You may ask yourself, "stan?" Never heard of that one, please elaborate. "A stan is an overzealous and overly devoted fan of a celebrity. The word stan is derived from the Eminem song of the same name."

Hmm, understood, but what do "stans" do? What do they discuss? "Stans will spend all day looking for news and videos because they want to know everything about their favorite as it happens."

Alright, you think to yourself, but is this worth looking into? Surely, I am no Stan, I have no Stan-like qualities, what can a site like this offer me?

Oh, how about this.


(P.S. Though the "stanipedia" function has been around since November, the full-fledged glory that is went up only two weeks ago. That's right, you got something new to Stan about.)

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