Emerson College is gaga for GaGa

Only at Emerson. Only at Emerson could over 400 students and faculty members be coerced into a Lady GaGa lip dub of such epic proportions. It is equal parts complete unadulterated awesomeness and irrefutable cheese. (As an alum, I reserve the dubious right to make statements like that.) It apparently took an entire day of filming, booty-shaking and camera-mugging to make the (flawlessly executed, this is Emerson after all) GaGa montage, which instantly went viral after they uploaded it to YouTube Wednesday night. So viral, in fact, that the ever topical Fox news went ahead and picked it up. "We saw the prospect of the lip dub music video to be a fun project that would tie together the entire campus and the entire student body-a project, when finished, that would embody the spirit of Emersonians," Jared Wyso, class of 11', is quoted as saying on Emerson's website. Mission well accomplished. [A caveat: this mother is long. Just over nine minutes worth of hipster kids getting their GaGa on.]

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