The McRib is coming back!


Good news! There is finally a reason to live in this economy: the McRib has turned out to be the Jay-Z (or Cher) of sandwiches. McDonald's may have teased us with the McRib Farewell Tours of 2005-06, but last weekend they announced that as of November 2 (that's only two weeks from today, roughly 335 hours), the mythical pork product sandwich will come out of retirement and return to the Golden Arches for a six-week run at 14,000 slop-food outlets.

Worried that it might miss the Boston area again? It's true that McDonald's seems to hate our state; other McRib tours have been elusive in New England. Hell, the last time I spotted the sandwich was during a layover in a Chicago airport about five years ago, and the bastards refused to serve me a McRib for breakfast. But I digress. We can celebrate carefree because the sign at the Route 1 Saugus location announced today: "Brace yourself: the McRib is coming back!" And McDonald's signs don't lie.

Maybe this re-emergence will eventually lead to a double-decker McRib, or the McRibbles (for real this time). But for now, I'll be happy to scarf down mystery meat, sauce, and pickles, tracked down with this handy McRib locator. Hooray for America.

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