Dispatch from Outside the Obama-Patrick Rally


One thing even more certain than Tea Party bigotry is the fact that the Democratic demographic is a melting pot worthy of a college catalog cover. Outside of today's pres-assisted rally at the Hynes Convention Center, old folks, young cats, black, white, and Jersey-orange Oompa Loompas all congregated for a glimpse of United States Senator John Kerry. In the mix, there were also a few Cambridge cats in hemp sneakers and homemade hats on hand to cheer for President Barack Obama and Governor Deval Patrick.

Heads pulled their dusty Obama tees out of the drawer for this one. And a whole lot of them came from the suburbs; outside of the new Back Bay Social Club, passersby ogled in bewilderment at the realization that Vinny T's is gone. It's funny; even in true blue Boston, sometimes the Republican noise machine still rings so loudly that it's easy to forget how many props this president commands. Perhaps it's because I follow the poisonous likes of Michelle Malkin on Twitter.


Sadly, there was hardly any protest on the perimeter. Three Scandinavian women I met thought the scene was quite rowdy, but compared to any comparably sized political event I've ever covered, this was an exercise in civility. Unless you count the spoiled detail cops, who outnumbered anti-Patrick crazies 50 to 1, there were no serious haters outside the house other than a small and vocal gang of gadflies pressuring the pres to stop global AIDS. Three LaRouche twits waved Obama-Hitler signs and littered streets with propaganda, while a loner on the outskirts hollered epithets about Nancy Pelosi, but like my homeless buddy James said, “They not even protesting. They just straight bitchin'.”

At one point, a giggly gaggle of clueless materialists even stopped to watch James Taylor on the Jumbotron. From the look on their faces, I think some of them may have even considered registering to vote, if just for a moment. They high-heeled off when Mayor Menino stepped up, but it was a promising start. After all, they were probably headed to hang with the likes of three day-drunk yuppie scoundrels who walked by me as the governor said, “I'm not satisfied” (one finished the thought with a Deval impression: “I'm not satisfied, so I take your money and give it to lazy fucks who sit on their ass all day”). I'm not bitter, though. In fact I thanked the gents for letting all us lazy fucks borrow Back Bay for the afternoon.

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