Round-up: The (Mostly) Vagina Edition

Alas, yet another tale of vaginas wreaking havoc. This vagina (belonging to none other than Ms. Spears) put some very unwanted moves on a former bodyguard and produced a body count. Well, an emotional body count. Majority of world has felt visually sexually harassed by Brit Brit's wardrobe choices for years, please send bodyguard your condolences.

9-year-olds, especially 9-year-old children of famous people, sound old. And produce catchy swagga songs. Counter-example: Puff Daddy's (step) kid. Lesson: Sometimes the talent juice falls really, really far from the pimp cup. And sometimes, those who get jiggy, produce winners.

Mother of dead girl insists Gaga stole her daughter's music, soul, life force, etc. ....awkward. Hopefully she didn't steal it through her vagina. That would be awkward and totally criminal.

Rich Cronin, lead singer of 90's menage-boy-band LFO and official fan of Abercrombie & Fitch, dead at 35. And they still had so much music left to give. He will always swim around like a dolphin in the ocean of our collective hearts.

Racial (racist?) facts garnered from OkCupid profiles: White people are boring and like yoga.; Asians like to establish they're Asian when talking about Asian food (apparently california rolls do not actually qualify as sushi. Neither does chicken teriyaki. Go figure.); Black people have "soul," enjoying eating food of that variety, don't particularly care for yoga. Incidentally, online dating is something white people like.

HAHAHAHA. Take THAT Facebook. We like this very much.

Tom Brady's car has a concussion, has to sit out next practice. Other car sitting out for the rest of football.

Larry King goes to Little League games while snappy new British host "works."

--Alexandra Cavallo, Marianna Faynshteyn, Ana-Sophia Guerreiro

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