Kazakh director to Borat: "I'll show you cultural learnings!"

Anyone who saw "Bruno" can probably agree that Sasha Baron-Cohen's second feature-length film was, well, let's just say it was no "Borat." Perhaps there's some truth to the whole "too much of a good thing" adage...Bruno being the good thing and 2 hours being way too much. Especially after the unprecedented smash hit that was "Borat." However, this movie looks like it's shaping up to be much more tedious. (The scene where Bruno wore the Velcro suit was, admittedly, quite funny.) Apparently, the folks over in Kazakhstan are still smarting from the nation-wide blow Baron-Cohen struck with his 2006 film. (Though, why anyone would object to their country being portrayed as a nation of sister-banging, Jew-haters is beyond us.) Erkin Rakishev, a Kazakh director, has decided to strike back. No word on why his play for retribution took so long, though we're guessing it's likely that Borat just made it into theaters over there. Or Rakishev had to barter with a gypsy for a while, eventually trading his wife/sister for a magical projector in order to even see the flick. Ah, Rakishev, we kid!

Anyway, Rakishev's film is apparently supposed to clear up some serious misinformation that Baron-Cohen spread around with his libelous film. Kazakh's do have indoor plumbing (at least, their royalty do) and they don't use vials of gypsy tears to ward of AIDS (everyone knows those only work for syphilis and polio.) "My Brother, Borat" is will follow an American fan of Borat getting schooled on some real cultural learnings as he traipses across Kazakhstan in search of the truth! The truth being that Kazakhstan is actually a "prosperous and modern state." Rakishev is apparently hoping that fans of Baron-Cohen's mockumentary will be equally enthused about a documentary that sounds a little like something we were all forced to watch in high school history class. We fear his personal campaign to make benefit for glorious nation of Kazakhstan may be doomed from the start. 

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