W.W.T.P.D.: What Would T. Pain Do?

Kids today. They just don't get God like they used to. All these young whippersnappers care about are their smart phones, and their facebooks and their pop music. What a world. Which is, apparently, why one trailblazing man of the cloth took a page out of T. Pain's well-worn handbook and created the above video.   

This gem, during which Pastor Phil sings his auto-tuned heart out about the importance of maintaining one's MOJO in a NOJO world, is apparently the fifth installment in a series. The thing is, between all the re-mixing and the rapping, the message was completely lost. What is MOJO (apart from what Austin Powers uses to bag foxy ladies) and, more importantly, what the hell ('scuse us Phil) does NOJO mean? Nasty Old Jesus Oglers? Never Orate Jesuit Odes? Newly Outsourced Jobs, Ouch? All unlikely (and very poorly constructed, our bad) acronyms, so perhaps the good Pastor should just stick to the pulpit and stay far away from the synthesizer. Although, now that the Jesus contingent has discovered the power of auto-tune, is it safe to say that the fad is on its way out? God, we hope so, before the Scientologists discover this app.

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