Update! Our readers remix the 100 Unsexiest Men list. Guess who's number one now?

Our annual list of the world's 100 UNSEXIEST MEN, which began back in 2006 as a parody of those glossy mags who do annual "Sexiest Women" issues, continues to get covered by actual news outlets as if it's real news -- an irony which amuses us no end. 

But who cares what the mainstream media thinks? We're just as interested in what you guys think -- so this year, for the first time, we're letting the world REMIX THE UNSEXIST MEN IN 2010. Every gross-out pick on the list has an option for you to declare whether you think they're "sexy" or "unsexy." Or you can play our interactive game in which members of our Unsexy Class of 2010 go head-to-head: and you pick the winner. Or the loser. Depending on how you look at it. No matter which way you vote, the results will be tallied in our ongoing Readers' Choice Unsexy 100 -- which, at long last, gives Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber fans a way to express their immense disatisfaction with our panel's taste in pop-singing dudes.

And since the mainstream media insists on taking us seriously, we're also half-curious to see how real-world events affect the voting. Here's some recent and upcoming items of note that may influence your ballot:
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