Boston's Best 2010: Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION 1. Why are there only five nominees under "Movie Theater, Art House," but six for everything else?

The Somerville Theater writes: Well the nimrods over at the Phoenix put us in the 'movie theater/best art house' category when we should have been in the 'movie theater/wide release' category. We're a movie-house, and most of our bookings are wide-release, with the occasional indie or art film thrown in for balance. We do not compete with the Coolidge, Brattle, or Kendall on the same titles, so why are we supposedly the same category? Idiots....

Answer: The answer to this question is not suitable for print in a family newspaper. Luckily, we're not a family newspaper. Which means we get to tell the Somerville Theatre to go fuck itself. But first, we'll remind the Somerville that our nominations are reader-submitted. And while we don't have access to our readers' thoughts, we suspect they thought the Somerville had more in common with the Kendall than it did with the Loews Boston Common. Whatevs. In any case, the Somerville sent us another email requesting that we remove them from the poll, so we did. That's why there's only five in that category. 


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