The blame game: Who screwed up the Coakley campaign and how

 National Democratic Party and the White House agree: Coakley should be sued for "political malpractice":


Coakley: not my fault!:


Us: Brown took a page from Obama's playbook to win:

Democrats argue:

Massachusetts is weird:
Notes from the Massachusetts Senate Race
Nigerian Zionists for Coakley, Irish Republicans for Brown, and thousands of angry Bay Staters

The headline says, It wasn't about Coakley -- then he goes on to explain how it was about Coakley -- but it wasn't about the agenda.

Martha Coakley: a candidate who might as well have been a double agent for the Republican National Committee -- and why "Of all the possible numbers of senators, between 51 and 100, that a party could have, 60 is arguably the worst."


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